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1. Gangsta Grillz is a series of mixtapes by DJ DRAMA from Atlanta GA who recruits many famous mixtape artists and djs them for promo..DJ DRAMA recently dropped his ALBUM GANGSTA GRILLZ..with lIL WAYNE.GUNIT.WILLIE THE KIDD three 6 mafia
and many more big names...

2. Gangsta Grillz also is an attitude towards something someone its a gangtsa attitude a mean mug a feeling you have
1. Ay nigga bump dat Gangsta Grillz dat shit be slappin in da trunk yeaa CANON!!

2. Nigga keep fuckin wit me ima put my gangsta grill on
by SIRVON January 26, 2008
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gangsta grillz is a mixtape group that does different mixtapes for rappers such as lil wayne.
usually in the songs they're a part of you can hear someone scream "GANGSTA GRILLZ" in the backround.
by DJ Stevie D August 06, 2006
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