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GAFing is the direct opposite of DGAF or DGAFing. If you are familiar with the SoCal culture, DGAF stands for "Don't Give A Fuck", and therefore GAFing means "Giving A Fuck". The DGAF culture tries to act nonchalant in their attitude towards the world. They act like they will do anything, and won't give a fuck if they get caught or cause others harm or desperation. It's a lifestyle that is completely contradicted by those who "GAF". The people who "GAF" are those who give a fuck about the world, and their life. These people are not reckless. They stop at stop signs. They don't do drugs or shoot people. They recycle. "GAFing" goes against everything that SoCal culture is, and is completely and utterly unacceptable everywhere from Los Angeles and south of there. People who "GAF" are most likely elderly people, middle-aged adults with children, and teenagers who hit puberty late, go to church, and are too cautious for their own good.
"God, my brother is GAFing again. He won't come with me and my friends to rob that liquor store, rape those bitches, or go smashing pumpkins because it's Halloween. And the worst part is, he just RECYCLED his Mountain Dew bottle. He's never gonna fit in here in SoCal."
by Jessabelle49 March 15, 2010
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