Dolce and Gabanna are two filthy rich men from Italy, who design beautiful clothing for any one who can afford their pieces of art. For example, their masterpieces have been exibited on such bodies as JLo (as in the infamous green dress) and other hi profile celebs, and some well off people own dolce and gabanna pieces too.
I love all of my dolce and gabanna, it is the best clothing I own!
by ~Theresa~ November 14, 2004
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Se le conoce como "Gabbanear" a intentar quitarle la morra/ligue/chingue a tu compa.
Amigo 1: Ayer andaba con una morra pero el Lalo Tamez hizo una gabanna

Amigo 2: Puta madre me caga ese pendejo
El Tamez: Perdon no me di cuenta :(
by Lalo:() September 1, 2020
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