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In Alaska it usually means Green Tree Fabrication, a local off-road fab shop specializing in customizing trucks.
"Why does that truck have a G.T.F sticker in its window?"
"It probably gets serviced at Green Tree Fab"
by InkRebel1 January 12, 2018
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This basically means to leave or to get off some one's tip.
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by Mariheartz December 09, 2018
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Get to Fuck, or "git tae fuck" in the Scottish varnacular, meaning go away, often a less aggressive choice and a regular in many a Scottish chat room, where the punters will also employ other indecipherable local phrases to confound everyone else not from Scotland.
"Franko, will ye no GTF ya big bampot".
by ironrat January 18, 2010
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Acronym for "Get The Fuck."
A shortened version of "Get The Fuck Out" (GTFO) used to replace the "out" with other words of choice.
ยค GTF over here!
ยค GTF in the car!
ยค GTF off of me!
by Vheirgruxxt May 26, 2009
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