Gass- the combination of gay and ass.
For homework tonight I have to read the Constitution, answer 7 gass questions about chapter 9 of the book... and write two essays about the gass election.
by Loser who just came up with it September 27, 2004
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Gass means bad or crappy, generally used to refer to "Magic the Gathering" decks. The only guy who actually uses this word is a short, overweight male named "Chet" who never showers and spends all day and night spamming various messageboards. He is IP banned from five of said sites. He usually goes on as Raymoooond.
From Bertman:

Your deck is gass, James. Evan worse if how playordraw would insult the intelligence of its readers and post this pile. But then again, considering this is playordraw, my expectations shouln't be very high to start with.

Im not going to go into all the details since you are a nobody james, and this article is rather trivial. However, your playtesting is subpar. You might as well be playtesting against precons. Freshmaker? WTF? Big red? Horrible. What about U W or bidding? Oh right..judging by your decklist the result for those matchups are implied..scoop...lol

I suggest you PM a mod James to delete your account and all traces of your existance from the MTG community so none has to endure the agony I just endured.
by Fuck You Script Kiddies! February 16, 2005
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