Short for the Gangster (or "Gangsta") Factor. Parallels can be drawn between the X Factor (television show) and the G Factor.
Tyrone was on tha beatbox and Fiddy laid down some phat rhymes, they sho' have the G Factor,man.
by Guthrizzle January 4, 2009
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The disparity in opinion between those who have met Glen or simply encountered him. Begins with a 3.
How does a G Factor relate to a G unit?
by TekTekZ May 13, 2017
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the g factor is what makes me george, its defined by one word! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i breath ninja.

I think that may have tightened the knot

"as he walked into the solid misty room, he looked BACK! and squited as if looking in the distance, this is where the audience felt the G-factor oozing from his veins!!!!!!!!!"
by G-factor July 6, 2006
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