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A record label consisting of the infamous punk rap group $UICIDEBOY$, rapper RVMIRXZ, and lesser known TENSHI D00M, otherwise known as SHIGINAMI TENSHI, who produces and create's some of the label's music and visuals. The "G" in G*59 Records stands for "grey", referring to the mix of races, primarily white and black, in the area of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the label originated. "59" stands for Interstate 59, a highway that separates New Orleans into two geographically, demographically, and racially segregated areas. G*59 Records have seen the release of 44 albums, 29 of which were from $UICIDEBOY$, and started to attract attention with $UICIDEBOY$'s breakout hit "$outh $ide $uicide" in early 2015. Ever since, the label and it's members have been on a fast rise to underground fame.

Merchandise has also been a large focus of the label's attack on popular culture, and has helped to attract the attention of those who would have otherwise never known about G*59 and it's members. Although this has helped the label in gaining popularity and recognition, their garments and other apparel have quickly become rarities as hype beasts have started to purchase a large portion of the record's limited edition items and looks. As a result, the store's inventory is often sold out within hours, and items from the store will begin to appear on reseller pages for highly elevated prices.
"All I gotta say is G*59 until the grave" - Ruby Da Cherry off song "2nd Hand"
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by wbwtb May 20, 2018
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