A term most 9 year olds use to describe your mom. Can be used alongside "Your dad lesbian".
Told as a joke or an insult.
by WKUMAN March 20, 2019
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(noun) (adj) (verb) The immense intimacy and affectionate relation between brothers which is considered to be superior to bromance and devoid of any homosexual intent. The fine line

of distinction between the holy bond of gæ- derived from, but often confused with- its unholy homophone "gay" is more than the distinction between "gay" and "straight".
Gæ you, bro!
Let's have a gæ hangout!
Chillest gæ ever!
Best gæ in ages!
by The Holy Spirit of Gæ November 21, 2018
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Similar to when people say "That's so gay", but this is the definition that means stupid and this way, it's not offensive.
"Mrs. Mendoza's skirt was so gae, lol."
"Half the teachers at Polytech are so gae."
by almighty-cornholio September 04, 2012
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The uncontrollable feeling of gayness and crazy toxicity.
Michy and Vicky were so gae they were banned
by TwistedCord June 17, 2018
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