To over come hardship without showing any weakness
In the bath thinking about her. I know she was to be with me but she can't. Well both just have to G it out.
by Wally the III January 27, 2017
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when you do too much of the drug GHB you either fall into a unwakeable sleep for up to a few hours or begin doing things you would not usually do.

last time she had a G out she rolled around on the floor and licked the wall and then fell into a deep sleep for a couple hours
by Mary Ashley November 16, 2005
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Used by gangsters, pimps, players, etc, to express their tiredness from sexing too much.
"yo Kyle, we hitting da club tonight, then gonna keep some ladies entertained. you wanna ride?

"ah no thankz man, I was with Keisha da hol weekend. Im all G-d out."
by Freshlook Blue October 10, 2006
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Used by snowboarders to express their tiredness usually from performing sick tricks beforehand.
"You gonna hit that jump man?"
"Nah, Im all G-d out."
by possum February 19, 2005
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