An all black hood located in Downtown Windsor Ontario. The main streets around this hood are McDougall, Glengarry, and Wyandotte
Don’t claim G block if you don’t there
by TWebster March 19, 2019
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A gang/brotherhood that started in Grand street in Worchester, MA but is now also in Connecticut, Virginia, and Florida. The affiliation can consist of any race or sex ain't no discrimination unless you a snitch, child molester, or some sort of authority.
i heard G block was rapping too.
by REALGz December 21, 2017
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G-Block is the predominate gang in the Main South area of Worcester , MA. I'ts called G-Block because it was started on Grand street by a group of youths who grew up with eachother. The Gang consists of black, latino and asian members and are known to have a high propensity for violence and intimidation. Their main territory is Grand St,Gates St, Crystal Park(University Park) and all parts of Main South, though they have been known to frequent Lakeside, Lovell St,and other areas of the city. They can be identified by their grey and black colors, the "72" moniker and members often are seen wearing a pair of Adidas sneakers. Main rivals are Ruffside Thugs, Lincset, Blackbirds, Goonies,and various blood sets. Their main allies are, Vice Lords, Kilby and Tiger Society(LT). From what started as eight original members,(Crazy 8's)G-Block has grown to more than 30 members since it started in 2001. The gang has built a reputation for violent acts and vicious attacks on other gangs. It is safe to say it is one of the most feared yet respected street gangs in Worcester county.
Aint nobody fuckin Wit G Block.
by 508Ridah April 3, 2008
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originated for 27th street in susan park kenner:it means when one's block is G-hot.such as gangsters and just gutta ass people.don't git it twisted wit D-Block.
Man I live on a G-Block
by Alywin S. a.k.a. Kalaba October 22, 2004
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down here in the G to the C, in each other's mouths we like to pee. We're in search of huge cocks in our asses so we blaze to numb the inner walls of our anuses. Just blaze bitches
"oh gosh Randy, did you see the way I fucked that G-Block guy in the ass while you watched and jerked off?"
by Owen McBride March 3, 2004
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The Green-Block, holdin it down at the GC, ballin just tryin to get blunt rushed in this bitch...what chu know bout the G-Block bitches?
Hit n Run, Philly Blunt, Chad'a'boone, Mac Dizzle, Ahmikeyknoll,D. Wiggles, Slothenberg...G-Block Bitches...Just Blaze
by Hit n Run March 1, 2004
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