Gamer Hater
Likes to call people unpopular for not thinking the way everyone does.
This persons normally hate gamers because they have seen movies were gamers are anti-socials that dont have a life.
This people are so into the way media shows gamers that they will just hate anyone if they see them as gamers, they also hate you for using t-shirts that often have something gaming related even though they keep wearing shirts that say stuff only about sex. Which they commonly say they have but actually girls that are not prostitutes never give them sex.
In other words the tipical guy of the "streets" that believes everyone is what the media says they are.
person: That guy keeps insulting gamers because he thinks they are anti-socials
person 2: Ehat a G Hater
by [insert name here again] September 22, 2008
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A pussy feeling sorry for they self because they getting dominated in life by all of Gun Hill.
G side hater don't get pussy so they invent fantasies about getting head behind pharmacies.
by Hotty Mari February 2, 2016
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