Quite possibly one of the most exquisite and magnificent cars ever made. The G-Class is a hulking SUV with a striking, intimidating, yet elegant body. It's design pays homage to the original 1970's G-Class, a military vehicle built to endure the toughest terrain. When you start up one of these beasts, you are greeted by a deep bellow. Although these cars may look and sound very intimidating, they by no means want to kill you. Inside the G-Class, you will find exquisite leather and wood, along with a display on the center console. These magnificent cars are hand crafted by Mercedes-Benz and are thoroughly inspected before being sold. Despite being an enormous titan of a car, it isn't slow. It has the ability to annihilate any rice burner or muscle car that challenges it. This car also possesses it's predecessor's endurance. The G-Class is the most capable luxury SUV, able to take on desert dunes and icy hills. Having driven one, I can say that this car possesses a lot of character. It makes you feel special. This car's price tag starts at around $115k, so it isn't cheap, but if you ever get the chance, buy one, you will never regret it.
That G Class is like a lifted Bentley.
by Bentley Flying Spur February 2, 2015
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