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Ahhh, Chevrolet. This automaker has a history like a roller coaster.

In the 50's they made some of the most fantastic cars you could buy, with flair and flash and classic American charm. In the 60's and 70's they built some of the meanest and ferocious muscle cars. However, when the 1980's came about, car quality fell off a cliff. They were so cheap and plasticky and just plain bad. In the from 1990 to 2007, their cars were just terrible. After 2007, quality slowly got better and better. Today's Chevies are very good, they have technology and style like no other car. In a world of beige Toyotas and Hondas, Chevrolet cars stand out and provide very good deals for the money. Chevrolet LTZ cars can be picked up for $17K and have the same quality as some BMW cars. They are also supremely reliable and the highest mileage car was a Chevrolet Silverado, which had over one million miles.
That Chevrolet looks pretty fine...
by Bentley Flying Spur March 18, 2015
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Quite possibly one of the most exquisite and magnificent cars ever made. The G-Class is a hulking SUV with a striking, intimidating, yet elegant body. It's design pays homage to the original 1970's G-Class, a military vehicle built to endure the toughest terrain. When you start up one of these beasts, you are greeted by a deep bellow. Although these cars may look and sound very intimidating, they by no means want to kill you. Inside the G-Class, you will find exquisite leather and wood, along with a display on the center console. These magnificent cars are hand crafted by Mercedes-Benz and are thoroughly inspected before being sold. Despite being an enormous titan of a car, it isn't slow. It has the ability to annihilate any rice burner or muscle car that challenges it. This car also possesses it's predecessor's endurance. The G-Class is the most capable luxury SUV, able to take on desert dunes and icy hills. Having driven one, I can say that this car possesses a lot of character. It makes you feel special. This car's price tag starts at around $115k, so it isn't cheap, but if you ever get the chance, buy one, you will never regret it.
That G Class is like a lifted Bentley.
by Bentley Flying Spur February 1, 2015
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Italian automobile manufacturer. Chrysler used to be American, but they were bought completely by FIAT in 2011. The American Chryslers were less than pleasing, the new Italian cars are decent.
by Bentley Flying Spur January 2, 2015
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