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FxTroop (pronounced F-Troop), which has between several hundred and a few thousand members depending upon whom you ask. FxTroopers generate enormous amounts of income through theft: car theft, burglary, mugging, and so forth. They are usually quite careful, however, to victimize only those from outside their neighborhood. FxTroop is notorious for many murders in orange county. Most opposing gang member from any other gang fear to go into there neighborhood because FxTroop has a long history of killing without warning anybody and any car that they do not recognize.
"Where you from ese"? "Que, I'm not from nowhere aye"! "Thats right fucken chavala,Fucken ranker now you got to die fucken chango."BIG BAD FxTROOP GANG"
by OCGANGSTER April 22, 2007
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