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A fart that thwarts the farter; a noxious plume of body gas that makes the current situation for the gas passer generally unpleasant, usually occurring in a car, elevator, or bed.
That fwart totally ruined my make out session with my secretary.
by Bananaman8000 October 03, 2010
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Facial wart. A wart that can be found on the neck and face. The purpose of a fwart is to help predators assess the surrounding prey. If a male or female has one or more fwarts they are automatically set to a standard of below five.
1. "Eww, no man you can't kiss her. She's covered in fwarts!"
2. Batmans fwart was too distracting to watch the film.
by Iainisgay April 13, 2015
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