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When a guy is getting a girl doggy style he cuts off his pubes into his hand, he then turns the girl around, blows his load in her face and smears the pubes in her faces giving her the appearance of a wookie with hair all over her face.
When Sam gave Anna the fuzzy wookie, she screamed like Chewbacca.
by sickfreak May 02, 2005
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Fuzzywookie, also known as an annoying son of a bitch. BUT, they are one of the most loyal people you will ever meet, and they got your back no matter what. A fuzzywookie also has a great sense of humour. They commonly make the sound “AUUURRRGGHHHH” like a Wookiee does when they are agitated or taking a shit.
Friend 1: Remember that guy that had your back that time in a fight?

Friend 2: I do! He was such a fuzzywookie!
by Tomj13 May 11, 2018
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