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A fuzzy squirrel is when a female who has an extremely hairy pussy has sex with a guy and pokes at the penis putting it in and out. The motion of this move is similar to that of a squirrel nibbling on nuts.
Yo bro that chick gave me a fuzzy squirrel last night, it was amazing.
by Seahawk Kid April 11, 2011
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Fuzzy Squirrel is a squirrel with fuzzy fur. Fuzzy is spiked on ends but still soft, so Fuzzy Squirrel. Fuzzy Squirrel originates from the depths of England in the old year of 2004. Fuzzy Squirrels are usualy spotted in rainforests or jungles, hiding under mushrooms with badgers dancing in the distance.

It is also a name for FireFly40.
by Dimbat June 11, 2004
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