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A Fine Fantastical creature rooted in the hearts of all who know this rainbow sprinkle explosion. Sometimes elusive as this fuzzy friend fills her head with the worries of her friends and machinations of glittery artful things. Usually Fluffy to feel, you can tell a Fuzzy Lu is happy by the pet toy- like squeak and Cheshire Cat grin she sports. But if you catch one holding her shaking head in hands approach with caution and preferably a smoking spliff to soothe her anxious ways. Never a chore to be in a Fuzzy's presence. Feed Sparklies and Sequins for best results.

A Fuzzy Lu can also represent an extraordinary unexplained event witnessed by 2 or more people that leaves those feeling extremely silly and disconnected to the world around them.
For ingestion:
Fun and Fizzy, Fuzzy Lu's are my favourite flavoured people, however you must swallow with liquid to prevent fluffy hairballs getting caught in throat.
For a pet:
Beware the quick addiction formed from feeling/stroking the Fluffy ribbons of felt that cover this fluff ball. Accordingly this inevitable action will keep this loyal creature on your lap for large loops of time but do not discourage when a Fuzzy needs to leave to fill her rainbow pots.
For a friend:
Finer a specimen could not be found neither in this realm nor all the rest..Find her and keep her well.
by LunaSeaHound July 01, 2016
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