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Pretending you are friends with someone that you know in public. You may smile, laugh, joke with them as if you are good pals when in reality you are just awkwardly trying to say "hi" and move along!
Tia: *ugh, there is that girl from my science class Nora. She just saw I have to say hi.* Hi Nora! How are you? What is up? You look amazing girlfriend and your hair is so shinny!
Nora: *OMG, Tia is so obviously fuzzbudying me. I don't want to look mean I will fuzzbudy back.* are too sweet for words! I love you so much you are the best! I have to go, but text me!?
Tia:*That was so awkward, we aren't even friends....I am such a fuzzbudy!*
Nora: *She was totally just fuzzbudying me there*
by thedodobird March 25, 2012
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