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A violent and dramatic impact.
An onomatopoeia of sorts used to demonstrate things like punches, kicks, falls, crashes or celestial collisions.
I had just pushed the send button on my goodbye text to my grandmother's gardener when "FUUH!" I had just asspacked a state trooper in my new 4 Runner.

Draymond Green rolled up to LeBron's balls like "FUHH!" as King James doubled over with that look that all men know about the strange combination of headache, stomach ache and muscular tension.
by JHGC8 June 20, 2017
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The sound an athiest makes when sneezing. This sneeze is usually followed by a robotic movement and is never covered by the mouth. If the sneeze is directed on someone, it usually sparks a debate over religion.
Man 1: Fuuh!

Man 2: God bless you...

Man 1: I'm an athiest.
by Ratmohoen August 23, 2011
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