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(foosh-nie-get) n. could be used either as a compliment or as an insult to someone; used to criticize every thing in either a rude or a polite manner; a substitute word for cussing words.

text acronym: FNGT
When someone did something that's radical or amazing:

-Dude! You are a total "fushnigit" for doing that radical stunt!

Anything that amazes you:

-That car is "Fushnigit"!

Used as a subtitute word for cussing words:

-I don't want to see your "Fushnigiting" face on this "Fushnigiting" town. "Fushnigit" you man! Don't you dare touch that ball or else I will beat the "fushnigit" out of your "fushnigiting" face.

Warning: A lot of confusions might occur when using this word. Always remember to let the receiver of sentence know whether you're using the word as a compliment or as an insult. (This warning's not really necessary...they would probably know if the word's used as an insult or not depending on the situation).
by chordrot April 29, 2011
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