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A word seen primarily in the marijuana subculture combining words from the term "For Sure" into an effortless, easy to pronounce term. It usually signifies the end of a conversation filled with Idunno's and empty space through an agreement between two indecisive minds.
"Hey man, what do you wanna do tonight?"
"I'm kinda hungry. Lets get some Wendys."
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A combination of the words "for sure". Typically used as a way of putting less effort into saying "for sure", specifically for the purpose of displaying dissatisfaction with the task at hand or a question asked. However, it is also associated with 'stoner-counterculture' and can be used without the intention of showing dissatisfaction, but as a 'cool' and shortened version of "for sure", basically meaning "alright".
Mom - "Hey Donnie, would you go take out the trash now?"
Donnie - "Furshur..."

Man 1 - "Hey wanna pack a bowl, man?"
Man 2 - "Furshur."
by TrustyPal July 14, 2018
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