Hey, can you bring in the nukes? I wanna test a nuke on the furry convention
by DankestDanker August 24, 2021
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God: So it says you did all of these sins? Welp, you’re gonna be going to the furry convention
Guy: What’s that?
God: Hell
by SomePersonJustExisting November 30, 2021
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A gathering of fatherless children with no milk in their fridge and made into a temporary firing range.
Furry conventions are bad.
by VividSyn March 24, 2022
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A pizza available only in Reno during a furry convention, that comes with 19 splooges as a topping.
Whatever you do, do not order the Reno Furry Convention Special unless you want to get face aids.
by NoxMelo November 2, 2021
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6th of February.
The best thing you can do. Go to a furry convention and then do whatever you can (brutal or not) to injure and kill the people there.
My friend: Dude I hate furries!
Me: Don't worry the "Slaughter a Furry Convention Day is coming up in two days
by monkelaka February 4, 2022
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