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pronounced: fur-dul (v) Attempting to put on a pair of pantyhose before shaving ones legs. (n) Leg hair sticking out from under ones pantyhose.
It is clear she has not shaved her legs in a year. Look at all that Furdle.

I got a million runs in my pantyhose, because I was furdle -ing while driving.
by The Furdler October 03, 2008
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The act of blowing air during a rimjob in an attempt to make the receiving partner flatulate.
1. Ed: "After months of him begging, I finally let Ronny furdle me on the rimseat."
Dan: "That's dope! How was it?"
Ed: "Felt fucking amazing, but he got a little carried away and I sharted all over his face."

2: "NO furdling on taco Tuesday's!"
by Ron Rimmer December 09, 2017
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