A derogatory term for a furry. Most commonly used in any circumstance involving a furry
by Upperclasshomosapien May 18, 2019
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When someone is that much of a furry they only: fuck , jack off or get hard at the gay furry community.
My friend Conall Riley is an absolute Fur Fag.
by Your F.B.I. Agent May 03, 2018
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One who views the pictures of naked animals or manga animal cos play for pleasure.
That man just wanked off to the dogs fucking! What a fur fag.
by Brandon Cary November 03, 2007
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A queer who who fickle other innocent men wearing a nasty cum stained fox costume, then proceeds to tickle his tant with the tail. Stay clear of the fags.
by daddy mcfuckme February 09, 2018
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a homosexual who has sex with animals or same sex people dressed as animals. it is the most disgusting and most insulting thing that you can call someone.
you are such a fur fag you little creep
by shelly the rainicorn January 21, 2010
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A fur fag is a homosexual furrie. Furries want to have sex with someone dressed as an animal.
My buddy, saw a GUY dressed as a panda bear, that day he became a fur fag.
by Dr. Coffee January 25, 2011
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