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(Also called "FA" for short) The largest and most popular anthropomorphic art website on the net. Many anthro artists are "furries," who take active roles in the community making art, wearing fursuits and/ or going to conventions. This is called furry fandom
Girl 1: "What's FA?"
Girl 2: "Fur Affinity-- a website for furs like me!"
Girl 1: "I hear it's pretty cool."
by WolfEe! January 01, 2011
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Is one of the largest furry sites on the internet so far. One section of Fur affinity includes an Art section, where users display their furry art for other users to see and comment on them.

The other section includes a forum where users vent/discuss about happenings either within the fandom, or anywhere else. Within the forum also includes various topics, that seperate discussion
"Fur affinity is my favorite site to share my furry art! and everyone there is usually generous"

"The forums arre a great place to be able to vent, or just hang out with my fellow furs"
by Nekofox08 September 16, 2008
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A popular website used by furries to share art, stories, fursuits, and chat with each other. They even have their own forums.

Be weary though, as you may come across NSFW art, which is censored for innocent eyes.
“Ah dog dammit! I forgot the password to my Furaffinity account!”
by sadistic skull February 21, 2018
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A website where furries go to post disturbing furry porn and terrible stories and fanfics
Here's one paragraph from an actual post I found of Fur Affinity since the whole thing didn't fit.

"Not so bad, was that?" Asks Light, Maali responds with a morbid burp. "I feel-" HICCUP! "like I'm only made of water." Groans the roo, periodically burping with swirling eyes. "Don't worry hun, the feeling will pass as soon as your body processes-" Her cheeks quickly blow up like two balloons, eyes tearing. "Mph?!" Unable to contain it, she spews the water out like a fire hose. "Woah!" He dives away from of the powerful stream. Burping crazily, her limbs slowly normalize and poke back out of her interior - deflating at a rapid pace. With the room flooded and the danger out of the way, he smiles and approaches her shriveled body. "Well, that must feel a few less-gallons better, huh?" "Ugh..." Maali just lays there, exhausted. Weakly, the roo touches her ripped shirt. "My clothes..." She complains. "Only hid your beautiful body." He points and laughs.
by The Ring-tailed Memer December 02, 2019
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A name of a website filled with people who draw furries for a living it just for fun. These artist make money off of their art or start making commissions to milk off other people's money, one time, someone commissioned for Starfox macro porn and made a fortune out of it.
Artist1: I am able to publish my amazing artwork to furaffinity so people will happily masturbate to it.
Artist2:I am able to publish my hard work to the website so people can talk about it.
Artist3: I don't think people will like the looks of it but who the he'll cares?
by TheIdiot December 29, 2014
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A art community of furry artists
So you make furry art it's must be gay or straight porn if you want to be popluar in fur affinity
by Ronx13 March 05, 2018
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