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A 6'10" 474 pound icelandic football player with little care for human life, and who also enjoys snacking on babies.
Ivanno Fuqasses plays football and also eats kids.
by Ivanno Fuqasses January 22, 2007
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Large and horrifying, yet attractive beast of a man. Of Icelandic and Fijian descent. Most know for his aggression and brief run in the MLB. He was the first player to be known to use his genitals instead of a baseball bat. A few short weeks later he was banned from the MLB after eating David Eckstein, Fuqasses claims he thought David was a baby. It was found out that after the incident, Ecksteins wife had since fallen in love with Ivanno and Fuqasses proceeded to have children with her then eat said children.
He now returned to the woods of Iceland when he eats stray babies and hits rocks with his junk to practice for the world baseball classic.
Be careful out there, or the magnificent locks of Fuqasses will eat your kids.
by Ivanno February 28, 2011
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