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A poster on numerous sports boards who lauds the talents of Kansas Jayhawks basketball and Nebraska football, which leads him into betting with bravado and never, ever, under any circumstance honoring a bet.

Additionally, a FuqMizzou can be defined as any poster who selectively chooses which sports he roots for. For example, FuqMizzou doesn't just root for Kansas or Nebraska. He roots for Kansas <i>Basketball</i> and Nebraska <i>Football</i>. Not the other way around.
"Oh, come on man. We had a deal. Don't tell me you're gonna "Fuq" me on that bet!".

"So you're a Memphis basketball fan and a Boise State football fan. I get it. Pulling a "FuqMizzou", eh?"
by TalkNCAA March 03, 2008
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