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Someone who blatantly steals peoples hardwork, gives no credit to the OP, while receiving a considerable amount more thumbs than the OP, in some cases achieving frontpage. In some cases the Funnyjunk Douche will leave the OP's watermark they've left, or signature and claim it to be there own. This shows that the FJ Douche has no respect for his fellow funnyjunk community and therefore has no place on Funnyjunk.

An extreme Funnyjunk Douche is one who once called out from the OP, deletes the comment left and blocks the OP.

A Reposter is a borderline funnyjunk douche, it depends on whats being posted, and if they blatantly stole "OC" from someone. An example being, jontheninjas comics being reposted and making front page.
Some examples of a "Funnyjunk Douche" are ballerinstaller and cameronchase.
Who literally stole ideas, OC, and content claimed it to be theres.

An example of an extreme Funnyjunk Douche is krispybananaz who stole a hardworking user's (Tia) comp of funny pictures, added a few of his own, while leaving Tias signature, or end message on the picture, while claiming it as his own. Tia called him out but krispybananaz quickly deleted Tia's comment.

That is a prime example of an extreme Funnyjunk Douche
by BatCountry of Funnyjunk May 03, 2011
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