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A dance, in which the arms are swung backwords in large semi-circles. The dance is often used while "krumping" and is refered to in the song "I Wanna Get High" by Cypress Hill. The dance is also seen in the intro to "Just Jordan", a popular Nickelodean show. The dance is preformed by Kristen Combs.
"Well that's the Funk Elastic,
the blunt I twist it,
the slamafied, (buddafied) funk on your discus." -"I Wanna Get High" by Cypress Hill

Stoner #1: Last night we were so baked...

Stoner #2: Oh, you know it broski.

Stoner #1: Did you see Amy start dancing after she took a hit?

Stoner #2: Nah, dude, what'd she do?

Stoner #1: She did the FUNK ELASTIC biatch!

Stoner #2: Duuuuudddddeeee! Niiiiicccceee!

Towelie: Wanna get high?

Stoner #1: Holy shit! It's Towelie!

Stoner #2: Dude are we high already?

Stoner #1: Chaaaaaaaa...Light it up Towelie!

Stoners light up with Towelie and then proceed to do the Funk Elastic themselves.
by Broski McBroski February 20, 2009
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