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Aka - Fuming.
If you are fumin' then you are very angry or mad.
It is used alot in the North East of England.
Dez- " Im proper fumin' me, just found out our lass is prega'z."
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009
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Extremely angry. Often used when only slightly frustrated as an exaggeration. Used in Liverpool very often.
I just walked the shop and they didn't have no kinder buenos. FUMIN!
by cheeky bastard July 08, 2014
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1) To be mad, or Pissed off

2)A london MC
1) - Mate...Brydie made fummmmiiinnn!

2) Wot wot, your barkin up da wrong tree -Line from MC fumin
by Baby gay July 13, 2006
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