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A challenging sexual position where the man enters the woman doggy style, then moves his legs outside her flanks, then raises his knees and places his feet flat on the bed or floor. Maximum penetration can be achieved this way, more than doggy. It can also be hard on the man's legs to maintain this position for any length of time.

It is also sometimes called 'Bulldog' or 'Spider Monkey,' but the latter term can be confused with 'Half Spider Monkey' wherein the man puts only one foot flat on the bed/floor, and the other leg's knee rests on the floor, as in regular doggy.
I wanted to go as deep in her as possible from doggy style, so I switched to Full Spider Monkey.

I've been working on my legs at the gym, so it's no problem to do Full Spider Monkey for a long time. It's our favorite position now.
by bjmike November 27, 2012
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