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The term "Fujianese" refers to a Chinese person originating from Fujian, a province on China's southeastern coast. In addition to Mandarin, many Fujianese also speak their own local variety of Min Chinese. In addition to being renowned for their cuisine (one of China's "Eight Great Traditions"), their astute business skills, and their entrepreneurial spirit, the Fujianese are also notable for their extreme good looks. Always oriented towards the sea and international trade, the Fujianese have established an extensive network of oversees communities spanning Southeast Asia, Australia, the U.S., and Canada. They are by nature quite cuddly, and unlike Beijingers, need not be approached with undue caution.
That dashing young Fujianese gentleman just winked at me. I think I shall invite him to bubble tea.
by Laowaiguoren December 21, 2009
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Fujian is one of the coastal providences of China. Fujianese describes people from that area. One third of Chinese live in the U.S. is Fujianese. They own most of the chinese restaurants in ghetto neigborhoods. They are extremely loud (many people mistaken their conversation as fights), they do not have manner (such as spitting constantly, eat with their mouth wide open while yelling...etc) Most of them are FOBs, and they only go to school for 3 years of their entire life or NONE. Fujianese work extremely hard, mainly in hard labor only. Despite the fact that they are hard-working people, they are most hated people among Chinese communities, as they referred them as "Fukinese".
Chinese MOM: So, where is ur boyfriend's family from?
Daughter: They are fujianese.
Chinese MOM: You are not allow to see that Fukinese again, you hear me???
by BaoBao April 25, 2006
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Sexy Southeastern Chinese folks. Many of the fujianese you see now are the first generation so they are Fobs; however, overtime they will become more americanized. The fujianese are extremely nice people once you get to know them and they will help you out in most situation. The best kind of freind to get are the fujianese.
A fujianese person saw a boy drop his wallet, instead of taking it the fujianese person came up to the boy and returned it.
by TheDefiner123 September 09, 2010
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