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1. While on a hogging spree, forcing your pig to eat your dirty ass. Yelling "Fudgie the Whale!" during the act and not wiping your ass beforehand is an important part of this heinous act and is considered a must by the purists.

2. Fudgie the Whale is a type of ice cream cake produced and sold by a popular northeast ice cream franchise store known for its ice cream cakes and other products such as the Cookie Puss.
Sully: Hey Quinn, want to go hogging tonight?

Quinn: Yeah....I am going to give her a Fudgie the Whale.

Sully: Good idea, fat chicks like ice cream

Quinn: No dumbass, she's going to eat my ass. Remind me to take a shit before we leave the bar.
by Senor Cheech December 06, 2011
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