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American English dialect in which the word fuck is employed frequently, forcefully and creatively. Practitioners of this style pride themselves on being able to use variations of "fuck" as a noun (either proper and common), a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. The gold standard of Fuckspeak is to be able to use variations of the word as the subject, predicate and object in the same sentence.

The origins of Fuckspeak are uncertain. Anthropologists contend that the frequency with which Fuckspeak is used in conjunction with a Northern New Jersey accent indicates that Fuckspeak originated in or around the Newark, NJ metropolitan area with a native tribe called the Fuckowies. Linguists contend that the frequent use of Fuckspeak as an instrument of verbal aggression strongly suggests that it originated in the Bronx among New York Yankees Fans, as a way of denigrating other baseball teams, particularly the Mets, Dodgers, and especially the Red Sox.

Fuckspeak is often heard in movies and television shows set in the Northern New Jersey and Greater New York City metropolitan areas. Screen writers and directors employ Fuckspeak to give their productions a air of realism and local color. Productions notable for their use of Fuckspeak include almost every movie made by Martin Scorcese, the HBO series The Sopranos, and almost any movie starring Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito.
This is Fuckspeak isfucking crazy! Who the fuck planned this goat fuck? Fucking A!!Hey, Fuckhead! Are you fucking listening to me, or are you fucking deaf? What the fuck?? Go fuck yourself, you little fuck! Fuck you, you fucking fuck!
by Peter Angelos July 02, 2010
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