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Fuckobino derives from an italian mans name combined with the term "fuckboy" which refers to a guy who considers himself a "player" will do whatever it takes to get laid. A guy who tells every girl lies and leads them on and then asks for nudes regularly and asks girls to come "watch netflix and chill" in hopes of getting laid. These types of guys also hit on whole groups of friends. They'll usually prey on the sluttiest of the group first and then work their way through every girl in the group. Fuckobinos tend to lurk around Facebook messages, DM's and snapchat. Girls can also be fuckobinos and the feminine term for it is fuckobina. (also sound much better than fuckgirl). Fuckobinos have no standards and basically just want to have sex with everyone EVEN people their siblings/best friends have dated or hooked up with. they are master manipulators and usually spoiled.

Classic fuckobino lines include:
*monkey face emoji covering eyes*
"netflix and pizza?" *smirk face emoji*
"need a massage" *exhausted face emoji*
"hello beautiful" *heart eyes emoji*
"you should come over and kick it"
"send me pics beautiful"
or they just get straight to the point and send a pic half naked..

these guys are not loyal to anyone and are not serious about a relationship

(fuckobinas also are the female version of this type of person)

these fuckobinos have no respect for women but are 100% mama's boys.
Joan: "Every guy we know are all up in BOTH of our DMs!"
Melissa: "Thats why they are all fuckobinos!!!!"

Randall is a fuckobino because he tells every girl he loves them and wants only them. Even girls his friends used to date. BIGGEST fuckobino ever.
by whoknowsbest July 31, 2015
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