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(1) An sizable orgasmic ejaculation resulting in a large mess of semen covering a large area.

A cross between "fuck" and "kaboom."

1In the beginning there was Student. And Student said “let there be chemistry,” and there was chemistry. 2Now the chemistry was answerless and without study, and the need to complete the course homework hovered over the surface of the deep. and Student said “let there be homework” and there was homework, and he saw that it was good. 3and there was Chemistry and it had homework the first hour. On the second hour Student said “let there be quiet, that I may study” and there was a library. 4Thus there was homework, and there was a library the second hour, and Student saw that it was good. 5Then Student said “let there be software” and there was chemistry software, and Student saw that it was good. 6Student looked upon all of this, and said “it is very good” and there was chemistry, and there was homework the third hour…

1But the software was evil and turned from Student in its answers. 2Anger burned in the heart of Student, and he cried out in anguish. Two words came to mind “FUCK” and “KABOOM,” 3but they rushed from his lips at the same time, and thus “fuckboom” entered the world, spilling from his tongue. 4Rage also burned in the librarian’s heart, and he cast Student from the garden of learning, for the silence was ruined. 5And Student was sorry for what he had made…

The book of Student, ch.1-2
software: Sorry, that's the wrong answer. Make sure you have the right significant figures and try again.

Student: FUCKBOOM!!!!!

librarian: Get out
by Copyright2017 September 14, 2017
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