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Originating in the construction and remodeling trades. The Fuck-on-ability Rating is a measure from 1 to 10 of sturdiness and stability in an installed fixture such as a counter-top, toilet, wall, etc. The sturdiness or stability of the fixture is tested by the act of vigorously fucking upon or against the installed fixture until the fixture either becomes disengaged from its mounted surface or the fucking is completed without structural failure. If the fixture fails at any point during the Fuck-on-ability Rating test procedure, it cannot be re-installed and the project must continue without the failed fixture.
A fucked B on the toilet that was just installed for an hour straight and it is still held tight against the floor without any leaks. It is Fuck-on-able (Fuck-on-ability Rating) of 10.

C fucked D on the countertop that was just installed for less than 30 seconds before it completely ripped out of the wall, sending both C and D to the ground in a filthy admixture of lumber, metal, and shame. The countertop is NOT Fuck-on-able (Fuck-on-ability Rating) of 1. The countertop may not be re-installed and the apartment or house must be completed without a countertop.
by spasmolytic October 14, 2011
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