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A bad ass drinking game. The rules are as follows:
• Pour shots
• Let the game master draw 5 cards from a deck of cards (they must not show you)
• Before he places the cards one by one, guess whether the card is a number or suit, and what colour it is (Red or black)
• For every wrong answer take a shot
• If you guess correctly multiple times then guess incorrectly, you must take as many shots as the cards you guessed correctly (e.g *guesses 4 correct cards* the fifth is wrong = take 4 shots)
Wes: "dude.. Wanna play fuck the bus?
Marc: "shit, hell yeah!"
(5 minutes later)
Marc: "no mreor broi, I'm toO fuckged up"
by TheAmazingAtom March 28, 2015
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The drinking game that gets you smashed. How it works:

Lay out a row of 4 random cards face down. Then a row of 3, 2 and 1 in order to make a pyramid. Each person playing then gets 2 random cards; these do not need to be kept a secret.

The row of 4 is then flipped over and whoever has a card in that row takes a shot.
The row of 3 is then turned over and if you have a card in this row you take 2 shots. The same is then done for the row of 2 cards, only now you take 3 shots.

The last card is fuck the bus. Whoever get this card is asked 4 questions:

1st: red or black?(referring to the cards colour)
2nd:higher or lower? (Than the previous cards value)(A is considered to be 1 so it is lower than 2 and king not higher)
3rd: in between or not? (Is the next drawn card's value inbetween previous2 cards' vale or not)
4th: which suite? (Hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades)

Every time you get a question wrong you take a shot and start again from question 1.

If there are double cards, you take 2 shots for each one shot you were meant to take and triple cards is 3 shots.
Max: "Dude how did Steve drunk so quickly? It's been 10 minutes"
Sarah: "He got fuck the bus"

- - -

There is no winners or losers in fuck the bus. Only drunks.

Unless you count getting smashed as a win.
by XNellax September 17, 2016
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