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Fuck me up stacey, that jeep is sexy.

Janet I want this burger to fuck me up.
Oh fuck me up, he's so spicyyy
by fucmeupstacey November 06, 2017
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Way of exclaiming an intense (typically positive) reaction that pertains to a person, place, food, performance, etc. Usually used in the LGBTQ community, but not restricted to it.
Damn, that queen’s lip sync performance really fucked me up! She did cartwheels and splits and her wig never moved once.

Shit, that guy is so hot. His abs are fuck me up.
by nobodynohow May 27, 2018
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A haircut where the recipient gets on his knees and the giver pours first fireball cinnamon whiskey and, second beer into the recipient's mouth.
Hey can you give me a Fuck-Me-Up?
by Whitadams9 October 07, 2014
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