Small, favored snacks that have no nutritional value what so ever and are, in fact, even not made from real fruit.
by drunken goddess May 22, 2005
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The redish brown pussy chunks found when a girl is on her period.
Dang girl, you left me some fruit snacks on my ding dong.
by J. Weazy July 30, 2008
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a euphamism for weeeeed, reafer, marijuana, mary jane, zoom salad, etc.
Dude, do you have any fruit snacks?

Pack that bong with your finest fruit snacks.

Do you know where I can get some fruit snacks?
by reafermadness May 15, 2009
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Independant of gay people, at least most of the time.
Woohoo for a definition that doesnt make fun of gay people. Fuck that. Gay people are soooo GAY.
by Wheelie December 14, 2003
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A petite male homosexual; one who is "snack-sized", if you will. See also: Pocket Gay
Nikko: Look at Sean! He's sooooo tiny!

Scott: Yep! He's just a little fruit snack!
by sdyar May 13, 2011
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One of the many foods offered in the holy banquet of heaven
He's in a better place now, he'll get all the fruit snacks he wants
by Dupreyohan April 7, 2017
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