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a mexican; spesificly dirty, spanish speaking only. primaraly racial slur, can be used as description of persons
syn; wet back, beaner, spic
hes a fruit nigger, he needs a shower and he smells
by Try2Hi7M33 April 22, 2011
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one who peddles themselves as a piece of fruit.

people who like proclaim themselves as a fruit, and thus over a period of time become oxidated and rotten.

person who enjoys fruit so much that it rots their insides from such indulgent sexual behaviors.

person who peddles their rotten fruit to others. after awhile of becoming a 'Q' in lgbtq, people start questioning them and refer to them as this:
"What are you? Some kinda fruitnigger?"
by molestedBYAfruitnigger August 09, 2018
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