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Frozen Assets - noun

The result of putting your money in the fridge.

In the Business and Finance World an Asset is the name given to any form of economic resource that can be owned.
These range from stocks, bonds, trademarks, computer programs/software to buildings, equipment and even high value personnel.

Frozen Assets is the name given to Toxic Assets that have ceased to function.

In the dating world Assets refer to a persons, positive, features.

While the term encompasses all of a persons features it is typically used to refer to physical features, especially on women and especially when referring to her posterior and/or curves.

Think: "ASS-ets"
These assets can change relatively rapidly. For example: if the person puts on or loses weight/muscle. They are not fixed.

Frozen Assets are, therefore, features that do/can not change readily.
Generally non-physical features such as intelligence, personality traits, social, athletic and/or academic abilities etc...
I put my money in the fridge. I got the idea when I heard "Frozen Assets" on CNBC :D

Halifax has lots of Frozen Assets

A woman with an M.D. is, obviously, intelligent.
The degree and her smarts are Frozen Assets

A person who is charismatic and makes friends easily has charisma as one of their Frozen Assets

Check out her assets!
You've got lovely assets
by rzhhhh November 14, 2011
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