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Noun - Frove is an abbreviation for "Friend Love", it is the love one has for a friend. If telling a friend of the opposite gender "I love you" as a friend is too awkward, or telling that to a friend in general is difficult for you, you can simply tell them "I frove you!"
The boy's girlfriend got jealous whenever he told his friends "I love you" so he decided to simply tell them "I frove you" because he still wished to express his love for their friendship.
by Eleka February 06, 2006
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fucking ridiculous love. When you 'more than love' someone. You use the term 'Frove' when you feel that 'love' isn't enough of a word to express your feelings to the other person.
Holly- "Gibran, I Frove you."
by MeliaGorda February 29, 2012
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Frisbee love, first coined by Kelly Hogan of Cambridge Ultimate. Pronounced fruv (rhymes with love and dove (the bird), but not with dove (past tense of dive in Americaland, equivelent to UK dived)). Frove is generally felt but it can also be wished. Helps to promote the spirit of the game (SOTG). A sign of sportsmanship and also of team unity. Note that frove is not going ho with another frayer (frisbee player), it's not lude like that (although that is a good example of being fragile (frisbee agile)).

Has now spawed off a whole franchise of similar words e.g. frine (frisbee wine), frale (frisbee ale), franchise (frisbee franchise - see frove)
I'm feeling the frove tonight.
Wishing lots of frove to all.
by Capt. Awol May 01, 2006
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