Considered by many to be the best school in Kingston, Ontario. Also one of the best in Ontario based on our considerable OFSAA records. As stated in a 2011 original hit "grey and garnet" the students at frontenac are better than the local catholic school, holy cross (also known as horny crotch based on the considerable amount of sluts that go there), better than the other kingston catholic school, regi, and better than qecvi (another local school). We also have the best faculty in kingston area (particularly our math department) stomp every other school in athletics, and are just generally better.
Holy cross kid: "hey, let's go play some bball"

Regi kid: "nah man, those guys are all from frontenac, we'd embarrass ourselves"
by oh hot damn April 19, 2011
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the FPU is a pompus, solo male union that has a unique reverse gender "robin hood" type of platform, where the fund dismantles wealthier men, or men that have found good fortune and then in turn showers the less fortunate women of the world, with money, limos, food, rent, car insurance, basic cable and most of all, a very insincere friendship. These women come from broken homes and broken souls, and almost exclusively a barmaid or stripper.
Her new boyfriend seems like a nice guy." "Yep, is all part of the show. He's actually in the Frontenac Pilots Union, and is only using her for her company, emotional support, and will move on to another girl with low self-esteem here shortly, after he has stripped her of all her self worth and confidence.
by Hermees July 22, 2011
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When your girlfriend threatens to fart in your face while your asleep. So, you sleep with one eye open, while doing so, the woman's poop particles enters your eye, giving the man pink eye.
She was so mad, she threatened to give him a South Frontenac Stink Eye.
by RedHeadedMilf March 30, 2021
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