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A complete and utter faggot. A person who is a froglart has a birth certificate that is just an apology from the abortion clinic because of their failure. Hobos call them poor. These kind of people do things like excreting on their hands and rubbing it on their face. They are proof that god has a sense of humor. They can only hope to be the man that their mother is. You will never forget the first time you see one but you will try. Their IQ results are generally in the negative. You would rather die of testicular cancer than talk to a froglart. They are as useless as a screendoor on a submarine. It looks like their face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork. They are a waste of sperm. They are also a toxic waste of life that does not deserve to breath. As children, not even pedophiles would be interested in them. They have a penis the size of a tic tac but it doesn't matter because they are such faggots that they would never want a women and could never get a man.
"What is that?!", said the horrified school children
"It's a froglart." Replied Superman
"My name is Ryan." Exclaimed the foul beast
by ryanisafroglart April 28, 2014
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