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Froths, Frothies, Froffs, Froffies. Or to the average man, beer. And lots of it.
'' hey pal! keen for some froffs? ''
"oh fa shizzle! ''
by YOURACHUD December 21, 2009
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To find someone, or something attractive or appealing. Used in a context to symbolise froffing in the pants.

Otherwise known as froth
"How hots Shaun!"
"Oh yeah, I froff!"
by everybreathyoutake October 07, 2007
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To really like something or someone. Can also be used to to describe grabbing a beer with a mate
Hey I froff your shirt!
I fully froffed that movie last night bro!
Froffing hardcore on how I met your mother bro!
Hey Lucy want to grab a froffie after work?
by Lozza dozza April 19, 2018
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