A person who is not connected to you by friendship, but is connected to you by being a friend of someone who you are connected in friendship with.
Daniel is not my friend, he is Jack's friend. Jack is my friend, so Daniel is a friend of a friend.
by Takeshi Kawasaki May 18, 2006
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Someone who you have vaguely heard of. These people are the source of malicious gossip and urban legends.
A friend of a friend told me that Andy got Kate pregnant.
by Lambchops December 9, 2004
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How guys claim to have met their current girl friend when they really mean they met online.
Darryl: "Yo, RayShard, dats one fine biotch you be hanging with lately. Where you meet her."
RayShard: "Oh, you mean Shaneequa? We, um, met through a friend of a friend."
Darryl: " I didn't think you would ever meet anyone with all that time you spend alone on da computer and sheet."
RayShard: "indeed. Indeed. Go figure. Funny,that."
by Ct walrus July 9, 2011
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A heterosexual friend of a homosexual. Adapted from the term "Friends of Dorothy". While a heterosexual cannot (by definition) be a "Friend", they can of course be a confidante to someone who is a "Friend". There is, however, a distinction to be made vs. "friend of a friend", so you have to listen for the capital F.
You're worried about Him? No, he's cool. He's just a Friend of a Friend.
by HusbandofJoan March 11, 2009
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a plastic friend is someone who is your friend just for advantages and gives back only when he has to, not to get confused with a fake friend, which always is never really kind to you. These friends are usually friends with another one of your close friends that don't see how they're treating you.
Joe: have you seen Bill lately?
Kate: yeah, he was hanging out with Luke and Drew
Joe: Luke is such a plastic friend. Always taking and never giving!
Kate: Bill talked to me about it, he doesn't like it, but he's afraid to lose Drew.
Joe: he's also such a fake friend!
Kate: IKR! he's a Plastic friend and fake friend.
by skjfdngv April 30, 2019
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A phrase that means "If you care enough about a friend's well-being, you won't let them do something stupid like..." The phrase is frequently used, sometimes jokingly, in the form of a public service announcement.
by regular1 November 3, 2008
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when you're too scared to commit to your definition of a perfect girl so instead of friendzoning her you put her in a place between friends and something more so you can have your cake and eat it too
You: so what are we?
Boy you've been seeing for 8 months: oh you know friends friends

You: just friends ?
Boy: no, friends friends
by sahlulu5 November 16, 2016
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