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The time after someone requests to be your friend on Facebook or some other social media site. This is a lag period in which the invitee receives the offer, contemplates, evaluates the person's looks, number of mutual friends, other hot friends, and general demeanor before accepting the request. This period is very similar to the "two day rule" when getting someone's digits. By stretching the friend request waiting period ever so slightly, it appears that you are not so desperate for a new friend addition.
Guy 1: "Yo I just became friends with this smoking hot chick other day. You should add her and look at her photos."

Guy 2: "Already tried to add her after I saw you became friends with her. She hasn't accepted my request yet."

Guy 1: "Damn. You must be in the friend request waiting period.... good luck with all that."
by JoeyBats August 17, 2011
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