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Getting a grade, drawing a picture, earning an above average mark in a schools test etc someting that is good enough to stick on your fridge
I earnt a fridge-worthy grade at school today. My parents were very impressed.
by Sarah92 January 15, 2007
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When a picture, drawing, printout of an Ultrasound, reports card, painting, report, picture of a cat, picture of a dog, picture of a neice, picture of a nephew, baseball card, football card, religious card, brocheure, panphlet, newspaper cliping, magazine cutout, column from newspaper, index card, looseleaf paper, map post card, stamp, magnet, birthday card, holiday card, restaurant menu, VCR insturction booklet, diary entry, calendar, schedule, book cover, picture taken of a McGriddle, or printout of an Urban Dictionary definition do something to warrant the merit of making it onto the refrigerator for all to see and lear at.
by El Barto June 29, 2004
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